What do artists express with computers
that we cannot express otherwise.

an artform not to perfect or control
a sense of reality,
but to research unexpressed visual terrain.
a sense of fluid reality

A collection of works made in 2017 - 2018 . Please press thumbnails for enlarged versions
  •  Girl with ear ring

    Girl with ear ring

  •  General with peace doves

    General with peace doves

  •  Sisters in the night

    Sisters in the night

  •  A feather in my hat

    A feather in my hat

  •  Run Bambi Run

    Run Bambi Run

  •  Ritual


  •  The Gong Game

    The Gong Game

  •  Nescklace I

    Nescklace I

  •  Nescklace II

    Nescklace II

  •  Column


  •  Wanderer


  •  Colorscape


  •  Loose ends

    Loose ends

  •  Chairman